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What Is EICR Testing?

EICR testing is carried out by electricians to examine the electrical wiring of a property. It stands for ‘electrical installation condition report’ and is done to ensure the systems set up in your home are in working order and do not pose any safety risks, such as electrical fires. Here, we’ve answered a few frequently asked questions.

What Happens During EICR Testing?

As we’ve previously mentioned, this assessment looks at the electrics in a property. The report will give a complete rundown of the condition of the system. This includes things like the fuse box, sockets, wires, switches, fixed electrical equipment and the circuits.

It includes both visual and functional tests. An electrician will visually inspect the electrical components to ensure there’s no visible damage or obvious wear and tear. A range of specialist equipment is also used to complete the testing, which might include tools like insulation resistance testers and earth loop impedance testers.

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The Report

When you receive the report, you will be presented with a rundown of the whole electrical system. It’s important to look for any hazards first of all. Your electrician will explain how it all works but seeing codes such as C1 (danger present), C2 (potentially dangerous) or FI (further investigation required) should be acted upon. If you’ve used a reliable electrician, they will be able to complete all the works needed to ensure that the property is safe when it comes to the electricity.

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Is EICR Testing A Legal Requirement?

If you are a landlord, it is necessary to make sure that the rental property has the correct certifications. These assessments need to be done every 5 years and be carried out by competent individuals, so it’s best to call your local electrician.

For businesses, it isn’t a legal requirement, but it can help to fulfil the responsibility of ensuring a building is safe when it comes to the electrical system. Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial property owner, EICR testing can give you peace of mind that the electrics are in good condition and working as they should without any risk of danger.

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