Commercial Solar Panels

Are you looking for commercial solar panels? T L Porter Electrical Contractors Ltd provide, and supply installation services based in Llanelli. We are able to offer our services across South Wales and the rest of the UK. We provide our customers with installation, servicing and ongoing maintenance to their commercial property. With every installation, quality manufacturers are of high importance, this ensures your installation is set up for success long-term. We can also offer you battery storage systems should you wish to store your harvested energy for use at any time. Get in touch with us today to discuss our service in detail.

PV Panels - Lower Your Overheads

With the installation of PV panels to your building, you will notice a massive reduction in the monthly cash flow associated with your business. With the further use of batteries, it is possible to store and use any energy collected by your panels round the clock. This goes a long way in removing your need to obtain your energy from the grid. This form of independence means your overheads for energy are simply required for the cleaning and maintenance of your system. A much more controllable, non-volatile cost. With energy prices rising, and other business overheads such as rent and rates going up, becoming independent and in charge of your energy provides you with sustainable business costs as well as sustainable energy. 

Solar Panel Installation

Our team of electrical experts are qualified and experienced in a whole range of electrical installations. We undergo regular training and development to keep up with the cutting edge of any new sustainable energy solutions. We offer our customers well-designed systems, with well produced components alongside our, safety first, installation service. Not only do we work to our own safety standards, we will also respect any procedures you need upheld upon your site. We can help our customers with a wide range of buildings in many settings. These include retail, hotels, agricultural, warehouses and many more. Our installers will be able to install your design to any building with ease, as well as provide knowledge of its design and materials used.

Get In Touch With T L Porter Electrical Contractors Ltd

Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss the benefits that an installation service could have to your business and property. We can talk through your building and process before recommending the type of installation you need.

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