CCTV Installation Llanelli

If you are looking to add an extra layer of security to your home or business, then adding a CCTV camera is one of the best ways to deter crime from your doorstep, quite literally! We offer full CCTV camera installation and can recommend the best cameras to suit your requirements. Whether you are a homeowner looking to tighten your security or a business owner in need of a HD security system, we are the people to reach out to. We are operating in Llanelli, but we also cover a number of areas in South Wales.

Home & Business Security

A CCTV security system can be a cost-effective solution for both businesses and homeowners alike. For businesses, in particular, it can not only deter intruders, but it can be an economical solution as there will be no need to employ a third-party security company to physically look after your commercial grounds. Additionally to deterring crime, CCTV can actually be useful in the event of a fire, as you will be able to see if any foul play took place or where the fire began. This is also true for homeowners, the added security can give you peace of mind, as well as the necessary evidence if a crime was to occur on your property.

Different CCTV Systems

Your budget and your requirements will determine the type of CCTV system that will suit you and your property the best. We can install a number of cameras depending on what you need from them. For example, you could choose a motion-activated camera that will save on storage space. Or choose an infrared camera that can deliver clear night images. Additionally, you can choose a really obvious camera that will be suited to deterring intruders and unwanted guests. Alternatively, you can choose a discreet camera that will be less likely to get damaged by thieves. No matter your preferences, we will be able to install a camera that will suit your situation.

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