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The Advantages Of Air Source Heat Pumps

Interested in air source heat pumps? The systems are great for adding renewable heating to your home. They use the air outside to effectively warm up the rooms of a property. So, why should you opt for this type of system?

Air Source Heat Pumps Are Energy Efficient

Much like other solutions, these systems need to use energy to run. However, it produces more heat than the electricity it uses, which make it an efficient way to heat your home. These systems are known for their efficiency. Compared to gas boilers, they put out more energy than they take to run. Many models reach 300% efficiency. This means it produces three units of energy for every unit of electricity it uses. What’s more is that it works effectively all year round. Even if it’s -20 degrees celsius outside, it can still take the warmth from the air to use.

Air Source Heat Pumps outside building

Easy To Maintain

If you’re looking for a simple solution to heating your home, air source heat pumps require little maintenance to keep running. A yearly service and keeping the system clear will help the unit stay alive for years to come. With proper maintenance, it could be running for around 20 years.

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Lower Carbon Footprint

These systems are a kind of renewable energy that uses the air from outside your home to warm up your home. For these reasons, it is a low-carbon and more sustainable way of keep your property a good temperature. These systems generate less CO2 than other heating methods. So, if you are conscious about minimising damage to the environment, these units are perfect.

Solar Panels

If you already have solar panels or are thinking of installing them, they’re great for air source heat pumps. If you power the unit through solar power, you’ll be able to have a system that is free of emissions. Because of this, these units also have the potential to lower your energy bills.

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