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How Solar Panels Can Cut Your Energy Bills Down To Size

Solar panels’ ability to reduce energy bills has rapidly made them the number one choice for everyone looking to fight back against rising energy costs. As this fantastic eco-friendly technology becomes more widely accessible, people have begun to ask: how much money could solar panels really save?

The Falling Cost Of Solar Panels Vs The Rising Cost Of Energy Bills

In October 2021, domestic energy prices rose by 12%. Then, in April 2022, they rose by an additional 54%. As a result, energy bills have gone up by an average of £700 per household. In contrast, the cost of solar panels has dropped dramatically. Solar panel prices have plummeted by 62% on average since 2010. Therefore, now is a great time to invest in an alternative energy supply. The cost of fossil fuels is beginning to outstrip that of renewables.

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Reducing Your Energy Costs With Solar Panels

While reducing your energy expenses in any way is important, the question remains. How much money can you save on your energy bills with solar panels?

How much money you save will depend on:

  • How many solar panels you have installed.
  • Their location and the location of your property.
  • The time of year.
  • Whether you also have a solar battery installed.

A home with more solar panels installed that has greater access to direct sunlight during the summer is going to generate more energy.

How you heat your house is also important in determining how much money you will save. A gas heating system could still rack up your energy bills, while an electrical heating system can draw directly from your solar panel installation. For best results, you could synergise your electrical supply with your heating system by installing an air source heat pump system, for a more efficient and eco-friendly home.

But that’s just the beginning. If you spend most of your days working, you may be wondering what to do with all the extra energy generated while you’re out.

Store It

With a solar panel battery, you can store your leftover energy for later use.

Your solar panels will work best during clear weather and long daylight hours. Storing that energy in preparation for shorter days and worse weather ensures that you continue to save on your energy bills, even when it’s dark. Don’t let your energy go to waste.

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