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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Interested in solar panels? With the fluctuations in electricity prices, they are becoming more popular than ever. They can cut energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and require very little maintenance. So, how exactly do they work?

Photovoltaic Cells

Put simply, these cells turn energy from the sun into electricity. The photovoltaic cells are made from semi-conducting material, most commonly silicon. The layers have different properties that are energised from the sunlight’s energy. Silicon has electrons that break free when light falls on the surface. This then creates an electrical field and the current flows into a conductive wire.

Although more sunshine on solar panels will generate more energy, a cloudy day will also produce electricity. This means even the Welsh weather can help power your home.

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No, we’re not talking about the band. The energy created by the sunlight is direct current (DC) power. This flows in the one direction. So, an inverter is needed to convert this into alternating current (AC) energy. AC power can flow in different directions and change the magnitude, so is more useable for a property.

Installing solar panels

Powering Your Home With Solar Panels

The AC is then sent to a panel that will distribute electricity throughout a building. You can either use this to power your home or it can be sent back to the grid. At this stage, it can now power your appliances, lights and any other electricals.

Excess Electricity

Solar panels are used in the daytime as and when energy is produced. However, with a solar battery, electricity can be stored. Without one, you’ll switch back and forth between using the power from the grid. The battery allows you to use the solar energy during non-daylight hours, making the most of the energy you produce.

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The Advantages

  • Clean, renewable energy improves carbon footprint
  • Reduced energy bills
  • More independence from the grid
  • Can improve property value
  • Limitless power

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